Student Commandment



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The following Pledge is taken by the students

1.The Nation – Nation’s honour and interest come first, always and every time.
2.The School – we are proud of our School. We will, at all times, endeavour to hold up its reputation by our conduct and manner, both within and outside the campus.
3.Truth – we will always follow the harder right rather than easier wrong.
4.Discipline – we will obey all orders at once. We will never leave a task unaccomplished unless permitted to do so by our seniors.
5.Punctuality – we’ll make punctuality our second nature.
6.Duty – we will do our duty without any supervision where duty is performed conscientiously, supervision in unnecessary.
7.Students and Play – we will work hard and play hard. We will keep ourselves mentally alert, morally upright and physically fit.
8.Gentlemen – as future citizen of the country, we will learn to conduct ourselves as gentlemen.